Limited Edition Eat Chocopie Together Prints

On the occasion of the inaugural Asia Society Triennial and the launching of the virtual “Eat Chocopie Together” collaboration with Asia Society Museum, artist Mina Cheon has created a limited edition print series of the five Chocopie designs that represent important aspects of the virtual exchange: LOVE, PEACE, SHARE, EAT, UNITE.

Inspired by the spirit of the project’s charity contribution to the Korean American Community Foundation COVID-19 Action Fund that supports those affected by the Coronavirus and to stand against anti-Asian racism, artist Mina Cheon is donating 20% of all sales from the print series to this organization as well as 10% of all other sales from her online Polipop Shop throughout the Triennial period.

Without Frame: 13 inches (H) x 19 inches (W)
With Frame: 16 inches (H) x 20 inches (W)
Edition of 100. Each print is signed and numbered, with artist selected golden frames.
Individual Chocopie Print = $200.00 (+ $60 for shipping)
Set of 5 Chocopie Print Series = $900.00 (+ $300 for bulk shipping)